Monday, July 18, 2011

Now I get why pillows cost an arm and a leg and your face

I bought some Robert Allen ikat fabric months ago, intending to make some pillows. But this was not a project I wanted to attempt alone, so I waited for Mom to be here and willing to help (read: show me how and fix my mistakes). I also changed my mind about the number and shape and size of the pillows a few times. Eventually I decided a body pillow would have a nice impact on a queen-size bed.

Sewing machines and I do not co-exist well. Their parts aren't labeled. You need an engineering degree to thread them. And there are 5 billion things to adjust. Whenever Mom would walk away, inevitably I had to yell questions to her in the next room like: "Where did the lever to raise the foot go?!" This is what happens when you sew about three times per decade. You forget everything.

 Anyway, thanks entirely to Mom, the finished product actually looks like a pillow. And I love it. O. Is that upside down? Here it is turned around.

Obviously I need to style this area. It won't look plain and white forever. I need to bring in some more pattern and color and sconces and bedside tables. Can't wait. Especially since those things don't require sewing.

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