Friday, December 24, 2010

Giving back, Part One

 It's early and I've had three hours of sleep. Am just back from getting groceries before the crowds hit. So you'll excuse me for not having an eloquent and compelling intro to this special series of gift guides. For the next week, I'll be interspersing holiday pics and decor posts with guides to giving those un-wrapped, badly-needed gifts of hope and help to those who need it the most. 

If you want to give to the needy, and want to know what you are giving, World Vision is a good organization to go through. They have an online catalog that shows you just what your money buys, whether it's two soccer balls or a fresh water well for a community. Here are some gifts ranging from twenty to fifty dollars...

$20: birthday celebrations

$25: 2 chickens

$30: 5 ducks

$35: hope for sexually exploited girls

$36: 2 bibles

$40: HIV and AIDS care

$50: water and sanitation

These are just some of the many gifts available through World Vision. The site explains in detail what each gift includes. They have specific gifts for more and less than the prices I've listed, and of course accept general donations that will go to the most urgent needs they see. Happy gifting!

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