Monday, February 14, 2011

Better late than never

I've had great intentions for posting pics of the bulletin boards, but the universe had other plans like making me sick. Tonight I finally took some shots in poor light, so we'll have to just live with that until the next round of updated things happens (which should be soon).

Magenta acrylic paint on the frame, gray grosgrain ribbon , and a fabric from JoAnne's called tropical something or other. I can find the name when I go back to look for curtain fabric this week.

I haven't decided if/where to mount the boards, so for now one is propped up above my desk and one is being useless lying on top of the printer. They are so small that I can't bring myself to pin anything on them and cover up that fun pattern yet.

Even though I only bought a yard of the fabric, there is enough left over for a throw pillow or two for the bed. Here is the current bed situation:

A little boring, right? Need to work on that. [Note wet spot from doggy nose. She kept jumping into the shot.]

At the foot of the bed is a trunk I keep my underpinnings in. It's the same red as my parson's desk, which you might get to see if I ever get my cords under control.  

Here is the yellow fabric with the bed to give me an idea of what the pillow will be like. Say hello to Lucy.

Yes, she does have eyes, I promise.

While the sewing machine is out for the pillow(s), there might be some window treatment action as well. The window behind this chair lets in far too much light in the morning.

There are blinds I'd like to cover with a fabric shade...maybe in a gray geometric pattern. Then some blackout curtains would be life-changing. I could go bright or black with those. We'll see.


  1. The board looks great! I love your furry, soft throw! Looks comfy!!!